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We offer transparent pricing for businesses of all sizes.



Low-code AI apps. ✔️

Source code access. ✔️

Local deployments. ✔️

* USD per month

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Basic features included. ✔️

Deployment options. ✔️

Technical support. ✔️

* Per month (USD)

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Premium features included. ✔️

Reports and analytics. ✔️

Role-based access controls. ✔️

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Frequently Asked Questions

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At AIstack, we use US Dollar (USD) for billing.

To ensure startups, businesses and enterprises get the most value from AIstack and our business remains operational, we ask for upfront payments.

We recognize that not every company is data-ready for artificial intelligence. With the Premium plan, we offer technical support to ensure that companies prepare data for AIstack.

In order to use AIstack, please store your data as a comma-delimited values (CSV) file.